Botanical PaperWorks Sustainability Story

Botanical PaperWorks Sustainability Story
November 1, 2015 Emie-Claude Lamoureux
Botanical PaperWorks' Sustainability Story

We have always known that paper comes from trees and once transformed into paper, the tree is never to be seen again. But what if you could plant a used piece of paper, and see herbs, flowers, and even vegetables sprout from the ground? The concept of seed paper – made from paper pulp and seeds – allows for anyone to plant their used business cards, calendars, letters and more in exchange for greenery. Once you’re ready to recycle or throw away your stationery papers, instead of disposing them in the recycling bin you can plant them; with a little water you will see beautiful herbs, wildflowers or even vegetables grow! Without further a due, here is Botanical Paperworks sustainability story.

Botanical PaperWorks Sustainability Story

Botanical PaperWorks – based in Winnipeg, Manitoba – is an incredible Canadian business and currently one of the most skilled plant seed manufacturers and designers in North America. In the mid-90’s, school teacher Mary Reimer was seeking for a way to reuse leftover paper from her students and discovered an alternative way to make eco-friendly paper. She and her daughter Heidi Reimer-Epp- president of Botanical PaperWorks-  now collect used post-consumer paper from local schools and businesses for the purpose of creating seed paper.

Good news for us and the landfills, as this company alone deviates 10 tons of paper from the landfills per year! Once the paper is collected and mashed, they mix in seeds, which have been tested  for purity to ensure they are free of noxious weeds and invasive species. Approved by both CFIA and the +USDA, Botanical PaperWorks can be planted in Canada, the U.S., Europe, New Zealand, Australia and many other countries. Before putting their product on the market, the company always ensures that each batch is tested for good germination and robust growth.

Eco-Friendly Birthday Card Botanical PaperWorks Sustainability Story

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Botanical PaperWorks employees are fully committed to sustainability, especially in terms of recycling and reuse. After applying improvement goals in their manufacturing process, they have succeeded in reducing their paper use by 75% since 2000. They are also members of the Green Hotel Association and assist hotels in reducing their paper waste, as well as volunteer in local schools and non-profit groups to educate the next generation about reducing, reusing and recycling. Kelly Caruk, Design & Marketing Manager, found the perfect eco-friendly match as a graphic designer.

“Personally, my favourite aspect of our seed paper is that it doesn’t leave waste behind. I got into graphic design because I love paper products, but I hate that they often create so much waste in the world. Having beautiful paper products that actually benefit the environment is so special to me. The fact that people can actually take a wedding invitation, greeting card, promotion or memorial favor with a sweet message and plant it in soil instead of tossing it in the trash is magical, we are all very passionate about it here at Botanical PaperWorks!” – Kelly

Ultimately, this company is showing a full-circle way to use paper with creativity and beautiful designs! What’s more incredible is that even their packaging materials are made from corn plastic and biodegrades when composted. For any unused materials, they are donated to Arts Junktion, a local non-profit art supply organization.

Each one of their works is made craftily and artfully, and are giving the chance for people to keep the tradition of gift cards and thank you cards alive in an environmentally sound way. This is a great company that gives a lasting impact of herbs, wildflowers or vegetables. We think their work will fit perfectly for your next thank you card!

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  1. Joaquim Miro 2 years ago

    I showed the greeting cards to my parents and they were really excited to learn such a product exists. Moving forward I think that’s all they are going to buy every time they need greeting cards!

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