Buncha Farmer’s Sustainability Story

Buncha Farmer’s Sustainability Story
December 29, 2015 Emie-Claude Lamoureux

Founded in Keswick, Ontario, Buncha Farmers is a small and conscious company that develops organic and natural cleaning products. As its name indicates, it was initially created with 11 farmers and artisans. Presently, only two founders – Cory Besser and Ignazio Natoli – along with a few employees uphold the company’s warm and kindred spirit of a green and conscious lifestyle.


Finding suitable natural ingredients between coconut, canola and vegetable oils, as well as litsea cubeba essential oil and many more ingredients, the philosophy of natural cleaning products emerged. Authentic, organic and natural cleaning products change the way we operate our homes by creating a more worry-free atmosphere through simplifying the choice of ingredients. Buncha Farmers’ product line is unquestionably developed with natural ingredients; moreover, their award-winning stain remover is biodegradable!

All Natural Buncha Farmers Stain Remover offered by L'Autre Couleur

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In recent years, the Canadian Living magazine through its “Top Ten Green Household Items” award welcomed Buncha Farmers’ All Natural Stain Remover that we offer here. Canadian Living is a monthly Canadian lifestyle magazine, which publishes articles related to food, fashion and crafts, as well as health and family advice. To give you an idea why their All Natural Stain Remover has made the made with entirely biodegradable ingredients such as coconut oil, palm or soya oil, canola oil, litsea cubeba essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil, lye, water and enhanced with borax to soften the water and aid the cleaning process.


Small but mighty, Buncha Farmers was also listed in the Top 200 Ethical Companies by the former Ethical Ocean – an online marketplace for environmentally-friendly products – operating under Modavanti, a leading online retailer for sustainable fashion. Prior to joining Modavanti, Ethical Ocean had a vision of being a meeting place for socially-minded people to discover and shop for products that reflect their values. Their catalogue of the Top 200 Ethical Companies featured companies that were designed with the best of intentions, meeting environnemental, human rights and animal welfare standards.


Buncha Farmers’ identity and product quality are spurring the development of new initiatives: co-Founder Ignazio Natoli has taken courses on how to develop cosmetics products. He plans to launch a new product line called Manuka Healing, as every single one of their cosmetic product (such as soaps, lip balms and skin lotions) will have Manuka honey or Manuka oil in them, it’s key ingredient.


Buncha Farmers’ Sustainability Story is fuelled by a motivated team, which wishes to provide its clients with more healthy and sustainable cleaning and cosmetics products. It’s important to support and engage small companies such as Buncha Farmers, because they push for systematic household transformations that revolutionize the ways in which we clean our bodies and our homes to environmentally-sound ways! You can find their soaps and their All Natural Stain Remover in our eco-boutique.

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