Ever Bamboo's Sustainability Story

Ever Bamboo’s Sustainability Story
September 27, 2015 Joaquim Miro
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The world is full of alternative ways to live, and alternative resources to solve problems. Our love for travel makes us especially excited to introduce to you this unique eco-business inspired through the art of traveling. In 2006 K.B. Lee, founder and CEO of Ever Bamboo, ventured to Asia for a leisure trip, where he discovered a straight and unerring resource used as a natural air filter: bamboo charcoal. This new finding created a domino effect. As he launched his company Ever Bamboo in 2007, he inevitably started living a more sustainable lifestyle with the help and guidance of a few natural and organic retailers and distributors.

This sustainable deodorizer benefits anyone who uses typical air fresheners and dehumidifiers in their fridge, freezer, closet, bedroom, shoes, gym bag and so on, can replace them with bamboo charcoal as an alternative, derived from moso bamboo. The fresh product line sources it’s bamboo from various regions in China. The harvesting is controlled by regulation, as over-harvesting would lessen the size of the bamboo forest.

Why is bamboo charcoal sustainable?

Because it is natural, reusable and recyclable. Amongst many its eco abilities, moso bamboo is renowned for its growth rate. This plant hastens to grow just like children do – right in front of your eyes. Moso bamboo can grow two feet or more in a single day, reaching a height of 60 feet in two to three months! Its fleetness pace enables its crops to be harvested every 4 to 6 years. What’s fascinating is that even its root system is designed for it to grow back automatically, no replanting is necessary.

The moso bamboo is characterized by the creation of millions of tiny holes as matures and the density increases. Ultimately, it is those tiny holes that give it its air filtering attributes. From this view, the harvested bamboo is then burned in kilns with an impressive heat of over 800 degrees Celsius, resulting in the desired bamboo charcoal. Interestingly enough a by-product is also created – bamboo vinegar – essentially it is recaptured vapours and smokes from the burning process.

But the result of its porous structure is really the key to this valuable renewable resource. The endless amount of tiny holes found in bamboo charcoal is the reason it can effectively filter air and absorb moisture. The bamboo charcoal can also soften water and absorb harmful minerals, including chlorine, in exchange for the release of its natural minerals such as calcium, sodium, and magnesium, back into the water. For instance, you can place the bamboo charcoal in an aquarium, a bath, or non-drinking water for general household and industrial use.

Once its lifecycle is completed (which is on average a year long) the bamboo charcoal is 100% recyclable. You can mix the bamboo charcoal granules from the Ever Bamboo pouch and mix it with your soil to reuse. The effect is that the charcoal granules work as a moisture regulator, absorbing excess moisture in the soil, and when the soil gets dry, the trapped moisture is released back into the soil. Not to worry, if you have any questions on how to recycle it, Ever Bamboo educates their customers in order to make sure the bamboo charcoal is not gone to waste.

For scent-sensitive folks (such as us!), this is a unique opportunity to eliminate odours and humidity within your homes with an all-natural and inexorably renewable resource. This newfound eco-enterprise based in Calgary, has really sparked our interest and we look forward to seeing what other products can be derived from bamboo charcoal – most recently we’ve noticed that Ever Bamboo has created a new body care line with this plant. Renewable, sustainable and natural, we’ll add Ever Bamboo as a piece to the sustainability puzzle we live in today! Check out our inventory here!

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