Top Sustainable Companies in Delaware

Top Sustainable Companies in Delaware
August 10, 2017 Emie-Claude Lamoureux

Top Sustainable Companies
in Delaware 

The first state to ratify the Constitution back in 1787 was Delaware. Nicknamed the Diamond state when Thomas Jefferson described it as a jewel due to its location, Delaware is filled with sustainable companies you’ll treasure. It has solar installations sprouting across its communities, local food, responsible chemistry, conservation champions and much more. Have a look at our list of Top Sustainable Companies in Delaware!

There are many more sustainable companies that we may have missed, so if you believe you should be in the Top Sustainable Companies in Delaware, feel free to contact us and we will evaluate your sustainable initiative. We did not receive any funding or incentives to feature these companies. Our goal is to create awareness on sustainable development and encourage others to participate. Companies listed in this article are also welcome to add our eco-badge to their website, located at the bottom of this article. 

Top Sustainable Companies in Delaware  

White Dog Labs

Top Sustainable Companies in Delaware - White Dog Labs

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White Dog Labs (WDL) is a biotechnology company that uses fermentation technologies to produce sustainable biochemicals to address food sustainability and climate change.

The company’s latest efforts include applying their technology to produce protein-rich feeds. Population growth and a continued demand for meat-based protein drive demand for animal feed. Their technology produces feed for cows, chickens, pigs and especially fish. This is a more sustainable option than using fishmeal for farmed fish.

Important readings on animal feed and its impacts:



Delaware Sustainable Chemistry Alliance 

Top Sustainable Companies in Delaware - Delaware Alliance of Sustainable Chemistry

We consider this Alliance to be one of the Top Sustainable Companies in Delaware for their thought leadership and community-building in responsible chemistry practices. Sustainable chemistry focuses specifically on improving the environmental impacts of manufacturing chemicals and materials.

Established since 2010, the DE Sustainable Chemistry Alliance enables sustainable innovation. They support entrepreneurial scientists to innovate in materials, chemicals, renewable energy, water conservation, and many other technologies.

Specifically targeting the sustainable technology community, the Alliance organizes series of networking events. These have proven invaluable in facilitating collaborations, skill-building, and industry connections. In whole, the events include TechConnect workshops, technology forums, investor pitch events, and lunch & learns.


Energize Delaware 

Top Sustainable Companies in Delaware

Energize Delaware offers residents a one-stop resource for sustainable energy solutions. They help Delawareans save on their energy bills and improve the environment. Improving energy efficiency saves money, creates jobs and reduces our environmental impact.

Energize Delaware offers ways for commercial, industrial and others to take part in energy efficiency. Including municipalities, universities, schools and hospitals. They do this by:

  • Replacing older equipment with higher efficiency units,
  • Acquiring financing for upgrades
  • Providing a comprehensive building approach

Read more on the Multiple Benefits of Energy Efficiency.



Delaware Solid Waste Authority 

Top Sustainable Companies in Delaware - DSWA

What happens to your trash after it’s picked up from your curb? What about the materials in your recycling bin?

We chose to include the Delaware Solid Waste Authority in our selection of the Top Sustainable Companies in Delaware as they address recycling practices with interactive education. This recycling museum established the Call2Recycle video kiosk. Here visitors can follow the life of a rechargeable battery as it’s dropped in the recycling bin and upcycled into a new product.

What do batteries do to the local environment if not properly recycled?

When not properly disposed of, waste batteries result in the release of corrosive liquids and dissolved metals. These are extremely toxic to plants and animals. If batteries are sent to landfill sites, it can result in the release of toxic substances into groundwater and the environment.



Delaware Sea Grant   

Delaware Sea Grant - Top Sustainable Companies in Delaware

Photo credit: Delaware Sea Grant Facebook

The Delaware Sea Grant promotes marine and coastal conservation through high-quality research, education, and outreach activities.

Currently, Delaware Sea Grant is conducting research in priority areas. These range from seafood safety to coastal hazards, as well as shaping environmental leaders through hands-on research and educational activities.

If you’re wondering what “Sea Grant” means, here’s a little background. In 1966, Congress established the National Sea Grant College Program. It focuses on the nation’s marine resources. Today, there are Sea Grant programs in every coastal state and in Puerto Rico. Programs work individually and in regional partnerships to address major marine challenges.



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The Delaware Beekeepers Association 

Delaware Beekeepers Association - Top Sustainable Companies in Delaware

Photo credit: Delaware Beekeepers Association Facebook

The Delaware Beekeepers Association’s mission is to educate locals about the importance of honeybees. After all, bees play a huge role in the pollination of plant species!

Founded in 1936, the association offers beekeeper education and address local beekeepers’ challenges. By joining them you can keep up to date on the latest methods and techniques to help you enjoy beekeeping as a business or hobby. Join them at their next monthly educational meeting – these focus on the art and science of successful beekeeping.

Where would we be without bees?

Albert Einstein once said, “If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe then man would only have four years left to live”. That’s because bees are pollinators that are vital to our food chain. Approximately one third of the food we eat would not be available without bees.



Delaware Local Food Exchange

Top Sustainable Companies in Delaware - The Local Food Exchange

Next on our list of the Top Sustainable Companies in Delaware is the Delaware Local Food Exchange. Providing tasty, healthy and – most importantly – local food their community, the DLFE supports the State’s farm community.

Their shelves are filled with products from small, sustainable farms. With an emphasis on organic produce and humanely raised food. Before you head to their store, note that all customers are strongly encouraged to bring their own grocery bags.

Why buy local?

Most produce in the US is picked 4 to 7 days before being placed on supermarket shelves, and is shipped for an average of 1500 miles before being sold. And this is only taking into account US grown products! Those distances are substantially longer when we take into consideration produce imported from Mexico, Asia, Canada, South America, and other places.


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Harvest Market Natural Foods   

Top Sustainable Companies in Delaware - Harvest Natural Foods

Photo credit: Harvest Market Instagram

Harvest Market provides quality and nourishing foods in Hockessin and the surrounding communities. Their food does not contain any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Locally produced and Fair Trade products are likewise part of their values.

This means that genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) are completely banned from their inventory!

What is a GMO?

A GMO, or genetically modified organism, is a plant, animal, microorganism or other organisms whose genetic makeup has been modified using recombinant DNA methods (also called gene splicing), gene modification or transgenic technology. This relatively new science creates unstable combinations of plant, animal, bacterial and viral genes that do not occur in nature or through traditional crossbreeding methods.



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Delaware Nature Society

Delaware Nature Society - Top Sustainable Companies in Delaware

Photo credit: Delaware Nature Society Facebook

Delaware Nature Society focuses on the conservation of outstanding natural areas. These include stream corridors, woodlands, working lands and small sites. Delaware is lucky to have a committed team that protects and enhances natural biodiversity, environmental education, and stewardship.

Since 1964, Delaware Nature Society has been a major force in the protection of the state’s natural heritage. The organization manages almost 2,000 acres of land statewide. In addition, they protected more than 480 acres through conservation easements and deed restrictions.

Click here to find out how you can get involved with them. 



The Delaware Center for Horticulture  

Top Sustainable Companies in Delaware - L'Autre Couleur

Photo Credit: Delaware Center for Horticulture

The Delaware Center for Horticulture is a community organization promoting gardening and conservation in many low-income neighborhoods. They achieve this through the development of community gardens, parks, and other public spaces.

Since 1977, they have cultivated a greener community by bringing people and plants together. We consider them to be one of the Top Sustainable Companies in Delaware as their work includes creating and maintaining:

  • the first Urban Farm in the City of Wilmington
  • creating and supporting over 40 active community gardens
  • beautifying public landscapes, such as Delaware’s roadsides with native vegetation
  • organizing city park improvement projects
  • maintains the landscaping of many traffic medians and streetscapes
  • leads regional projects to enhance Delaware’s urban forests
  • provides education programs for children, teens and adults
  • planting and advising on the urban placement of trees 
  • hosting educational programs and community events




CNC Solar 

CNC Solar - Top Sustainable Companies in Delaware

Headquartered in coastal Delaware, CNC Solar installs solar electric systems throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. CNC Solar helps residents understand the benefits of using solar energy.

In our quest for renewable energy electricity that leaves us less reliant on fossil fuels, solar energy lies at the forefront of green technologies today. We see solar panels on domestic houses and businesses, but also on an industrial scale.

Their team will lead you through the selection process and apply for any required permits. After, they oversee the solar system installation, meeting all local and state building codes. This includes passing necessary inspections.



Green Street Solar  

Top Sustainable Companies in Delaware - Green Street Solar

Green Street Solar pledges to make Delaware a greener place, one street at a time. This is another one of the Top Sustainable Companies in Delaware that provides solar panel installations for homes and businesses. According to them, a typical solar system will save a Delaware homeowner $2,000 every year.

Delaware has embraced the need for clean energy and has put in place grant programs, to make solar energy easy and affordable. With many state incentives and tax credits, solar electricity has become more than affordable.

Green Street Solar takes care of ordering the proper parts, handling the grant processes and working with inspectors. After, the installation can then begin.

Green Street Solar is owned by Alutech United, Inc., located in Delaware, just yards from the Maryland border.



Delaware Center for the Inland Bay  

The Delaware Center for the Inland Bays was established as a nonprofit organization in 1994. Its creation was the culmination of an active public investigation into the decline of the Inland Bays. This way, the nonprofit found remedies for the restoration and preservation of the watershed.

The center promotes the wise use and enhancement of the Inland Bays watershed.

Their activities oversee:

  • public outreach and education
  • developing and implementing restoration projects
  • encouraging scientific inquiry
  • sponsoring needed research
  • establishing a long-term process for the protection and preservation of the watershed


Delaware Wild Lands  

Top Sustainable Companies in Delaware

Great Blue Heron — at Great Cypress Swamp. Photo credit: Delaware Wild Lands Facebook

At Delaware Wild Lands, they protect and restore important natural areas. Since 1961, they have purchased and managed strategic parcels of land, including Delaware’s coastal areas and Great Cypress Swamp.

Today, they still play a pivotal role in the acquisition and regulatory protection of 30,000 acres of land. But they do much more than purchase land. Biodiversity is enhanced on their 20,000 acres of land, and traditional uses of the land are supported.

They also use Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified forestry practices to restore the ecological functions of Delaware’s forests.

Click here to find out how you can help them. 



Delaware Greenways

Top Sustainable Companies in Delaware - Delaware Greenways

Delaware Greenways rallies officials to develop outdoor trails and byways. These pathways link and build communities while winding through some of the most beautiful scenery in Delaware. Through their work on trails and pathways, they inspire people to engage in an active lifestyle.

Another point of focus is encouraging people to eat healthier food. At Historic Penn Farm, they promote clean food choices. How? With programs like Farm to School, a partnership with Colonial School District. They also provide locally grown food at their farm stand.


We hope you enjoyed L’Autre Couleur’s Top Sustainable Companies in Delaware!

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