Top Sustainable Companies in New Jersey

Top Sustainable Companies in New Jersey
July 25, 2017 Emie-Claude Lamoureux

Top Sustainable Companies
in New Jersey 

We are thrilled to feature our selection of the Top Sustainable Companies in New Jersey. These companies range across various industries, from promoting the value of local harvests to installing of solar panels, from sustainable landscaping practices to eco-friendly furniture. Each one of them brings a positive impact on their local NJ communities to create a healthy and thriving State. It’s time to discover their efforts and we hope that this list inspires you to take part in their initiatives!

There are many more sustainable companies that we may have missed, if you believe you should be in the Top Sustainable Companies in NJ, feel free to contact us and we will evaluate your sustainable initiative. We did not receive any funding or incentives to feature these companies. Our goal is to create awareness on sustainable development and encourage others to participate. 


Top Sustainable Companies in New Jersey

Happy Harvest Hydroponic Farms

L'Autre Couleur Top Sustainable Companies in New Jersey - Hydroponics


Happy Harvest Hydroponic Farms grows fresh produce such as vegetables, fruits and herbs. As its name indicates, this family-owned greenhouse uses hydroponics to grow fresh and healthy produce. Based in Denville, they supply fresh food to local restaurants, banquet facilities, grocers and markets.

What is Hydroponics and why is it sustainable?

Hydroponics is a method of growing produce without the use or space of soil. Instead of using soil, plants grow in an aquatic-based environment. These soilless growth systems provide nutrients directly to a plant’s root zone.

The benefits of hydroponics include:

  • Occupy less space
  • Consume fewer resources
  • Create high-quality produce

Read more on hydroponics here: Hydroponics: Pros and Cons of Hydroponic Gardening




This next one of our Top Sustainable Companies in New Jersey also relates to soilless agriculture and is based in Newark, NJ. AeroFarms builds and operates environmentally responsible indoor farms. Their team enables local scale-production that nourish communities with safe and delicious food.

What is Aeroponics and why is it sustainable?

Similar to Hydroponics, Aeroponics does not use soil to cultivate produce. It is an indoor gardening practice in which plants are grown and nourished by suspending their roots in the air. These are then sprayed with nutrients and water solutions.

AeroFarms Environmental Impact:

  • Using a closed loop system, their operations use 95% less water than field farming
  • Zero use of pesticides
  • LED lights to increase energy-efficiency
  • Reduces harmful transportation emissions by 98% on average
  • AeroFarms is honoured by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation as one of the Circular Economy 100. These select group of global companies focuses on eliminating waste and improving positive impact.

Poly Molding

L'Autre Couleur Top Sustainable Companies in New Jersey - Poly Molding


Expanded Polystyrene is one of the most sustainable modern methods of construction available. Commonly known as EPS, Expanded Polystyrene is strong, lightweight, it doesn’t rot. It’s also water resistant and has excellent insulation properties. It’s used in construction projects like buildings, stadiums, roadways and commercial landscaping.

We chose to include Poly Molding in our selection of the Top Sustainable Companies in New Jersey because of their green innovations within the construction industry. Their EPS foam is used in Geofoam, green roofing, flute fillers and insulation.



TerraCycle, a New Jersey-based sustainable company, recycles materials previously viewed as non recyclable. What started as an initiative to convert worm droppings into plant fertilizer, has since transformed into a leading global waste management firm. Today, the Trenton-based firm has operations in 24 countries! It counts more than 60 million users and recycles and upcycles millions of pounds of waste per month.

Their main focus points include:

  • Free recycling programs funded by brands, manufacturers and retailers to help communities recycle hard-to-recycle materials.
  • TerraCycle’s Zero Waste Box™ platform allows you to recycle almost any type of waste, from your coffee capsules to complex laboratory waste.
  • Partnerships with many municipalities around the world to bring zero waste solutions that range from city-wide programs for recycling cigarette butts, to curbside programs to recycle hard-to-recycle materials.
  • Partnerships with many manufacturing facilities around the world to help recycle hard-to-recycle waste at the facility level. These range from helping to recycle large volumes of packaging scrap to personal safety equipment.



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Natural Systems Utilities 

Natural Systems Utilities has made our selection of the Top Sustainable Companies in New Jersey and is based in Hillsborough. NSU is an emerging national leader in water reclamation and reuse innovation. They consistently develop a better way to create value where others see waste. They operate 210 systems across 10 states!

Water Reuse is a sustainable way to address:

  • Escalating water and sewer costs
  • Pollution and lack of centralized water
  • Aging infrastructure
  • Growing demand for increased resiliency
  • Green building initiatives
  • Regulatory trends and requirements



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Bayshore Recycling 

L'Autre Couleur Top Sustainable Companies in New Jersey

Bayshore Recycling is a full-service recycling facility is a Woman Owned Business (WBE) in New Jersey and New York. They run six distinct recycling operations within its eco-complex and energy campus in Woodbridge.

Established in 1995, this NJ recycling facility recycles concrete, construction debris, and a lot more. Collectively, Bayshore can accept over 10,000 tons per day of material with some operations running 24-hours per day, 6 days per week.

Energy conservation and renewable energy are at the centre of the company’s business plan. In 2008, they installed a 679 kilowatt (9,365 panels) rooftop solar energy system that assists in powering 40% of their operations.



Alliance for a Living Ocean 

L'Autre Couleur Top Sustainable Companies in New Jersey - Alliance for a Clean Ocean

Photo credit : Alliance for a Living Ocean Facebook

Next on our list of the Top Sustainable Companies in New Jersey is the Alliance for a Living Ocean. They promote and maintain clean water and a healthy coastal environment through education, research and active participation. Their work includes managing the entire watershed, bay and ocean since all water flows from “the raindrop to the ocean.”

Based in Ship Bottom, this charity organizes many events throughout the year, and we strongly encourage New Jersey folks to get in touch with them! Get started at one of the following:



Next Up: Top 15 Sustainable Initiatives in New York



L'Autre Couleur Top Sustainable Companies in New Jersey -ChargEVC

ChargEVC serves as a trusted resource for research and advocacy, leading to advance the adoption of electric vehicles. Widespread and accelerated adoption of electric vehicles yields significant sustainable benefits. They work at a local level in New Jersey and provide crucial voices to the electric vehicle market development programs and policies.

For more information read: Electric Cars Pros and Cons



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Solar energy systems are meant to provide clean, renewable energy at least 25 years, with some systems producing for 35 or 40 years. Solar power panels are one of the major technical innovations of our lifetime and are beginning to change the way we look at our energy needs, now and in the years to come. Geoscape Solar installs solar projects for residential systems, non-profits and large commercial projects.

Read and learn more about solar panels here.



Grow It Green Morristown

L'Autre Couleur Grow It Green

Grow It Green creates sustainable farms and gardens in abandoned or under-utilized areas of Morristown. Their efforts provide equal access to fresh, local food. We chose to include them in our selection of the Top Sustainable Companies in New Jersey for their educational components.

Two of their current projects include:

  1. Urban Farm at Lafayette – New Jersey’s Largest Public School Garden
  2. Early Street Community Garden –  Once a littered and vacant lot, the Early Street Community Garden now provides space for over 100 families to grow their own food, flowers, and herbs!



Lewis Natural Landscapes

Lewis Natural Landscapes - L'Autre Couleur

Sustainable landscaping is a way of designing yards and gardens that reduces harm to the environment. This then provides healthier places to live and saves time and money by reducing recurring maintenance costs. A landscape with smart designs conserves resources and reduces the need for chemicals.

Lewis Natural Landscapes creates eco-friendly spaces that work in harmony with nature.
They specialize in creating perennial gardens and edible gardens that attract butterflies, birds and pollinators.



Ciel Power

Using smart practices, Ciel Power improves the energy-efficiency of New Jersey homes. Ciel Power made our list of the Top Sustainable Companies in New Jersey because they help homeowners understand the multiple benefits of energy efficiency.

Starting with a home energy audit and consultation, Ciel Power provides clear and concise energy reports. Residents can then maximize their home’s comfort and energy-efficiency with upgrades to their insulation, heating, air conditioning, and hot water systems.

They have also developed interesting partnerships with towns, businesses and academic institutions throughout New Jersey. See if you can find your area and connect with them to improve your energy efficiency!

Ciel Power partners with:



The Foodshed Alliance

The Foodshed Alliance - L'Autre Couleur Top Sustainable Companies in New Jersey

Photo credit : The Foodshed Alliance Facebook

The Foodshed Alliance works to strengthen community and farmer relations in northern New Jersey. As NJ has a robust farm economy, The Foodshed Alliance puts in place important local and regional collaborations.

If you look at the programs they have developed, each one contributes to promoting sustainable farming practices. They encourage their communities to take part in the local food movement and food security by:

  • Publishing a Regional Foodshed Resiliency Plan
  • Organizing talks, workshops and films to share information on sustainable agriculture, genetically modified (GM) food, locally produced food and more.
  • Arranging Farm-to-Fork Dinners where chefs and diners enjoy the culinary excellence that occurs from using fresh local food.
  • Putting in place LocalShare – A project that combats food waste and food insecurity by gleaning food from farms and delivering it to food pantries and soup kitchens.
  • Participating in Green Drinks. “Green Drinks” are informal gatherings that take place all over the world. Here farmers and food entrepreneurs enjoy networking and fellowship.
  • Coordinating River Friendly Farms – a program that recognizes farers who, through good management practices help to protect water resources.



Top Sustainable Companies in New Jersey - 47farms

47farms is another one of our Top Sustainable Companies in New Jersey that relates to food security and sovereignty. They have created an online platform where New Jersey residents can order local food.

Enabling fast access to local and healthier food removes dependencies on long food supply chains. 47farms will match you to the nearest farms and food artisans near you. Once you place an order, you are directly supporting a local producer in your community. What’s more? It’s fresh!

They’re committed to delivering unprocessed, all natural food with full transparency. Working alongside the Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA), the Vegetable Growers Association of New Jersey, The Foodshed Alliance, Roebling Kitchen, Amp Your Good, Princeton Montessori School and Farm to School, the local food movement is gaining ground in New Jersey!



SoapBox Home

New Jersey-based furniture designer Rob Feinstein created Soapbox, a line of eco-friendly, no-tools-required furniture that can be set up in a snap to suit a variety of environments. Made from 3/4″ plywood with grade-A hardwood veneers and glued together with soy-based adhesive, each Soapbox comes with powder coated or galvanized stainless steel L-shaped hardware pieces that snap onto the wood.

Why are these designs sustainable? Because these are simple designs that are not purchased in megastores and refrain from over-packaging.



The Gardening Channel with James Prigioni

James Prigioni has been working on his permaculture garden for 5 years. Since then he’s built a youtube channel that fosters a community of like-minded individuals that try to grow resources in line with the planet’s needs.

Check out his channel to see his permaculture garden.

And there you have it! L’Autre Couleur’s Top Sustainable Companies in New Jersey!

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