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Welcome to L’Autre Couleur

L’Autre Couleur is a Canadian Inbound Marketing Agency that only offers its services to sustainable and ethically-run initiatives, organizations, and companies . We hear a lot about “green’’ products, but rarely do we know how sustainable they truly are. We aim to bring forth all of the conditions involved in the fabrication of the product, not just the end result with an “eco” stamp on it. Every product, initiative, and company is thoroughly researched, from the beginning to the end we discover where and if the ingredients were ethically-sourced, how they were manufactured, why and how they are sustainable and of course their efficiency.
In an effort to increase awareness around the subject, we write and document sustainability stories, helping our community learn and grow in the right direction of sustainability. Here at L’Autre Couleur, we believe sustainability is not simply a trend, it is a 21st century lifestyle that requires a firm set of values and objectives of making our world a cleaner place.
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Emie and Tree - L'Autre Couleur

Who we are

We are a forward-looking couple who found a way to bring together our two flaming passions – marketing and sustainability. After years of working in the corporate world, we pooled our knowledge together to create this agency. Two years have passed and we now serve sustainable clients all around the world. Every brand and company we have worked with has benefited greatly from using our services.
Our vision is to help you grow and engage with your customers so you may bring greater social impact and value to your community.
If you are a business or an individual and are looking to grow your online presence, you have come to the right place.

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Emie Lamoureux

Having lived all across Canada, Emie Lamoureux is what one would call a true Canadian. By living in small communities all over Canada and seeing Canada’s boundless natural habitats, Emie has always had a level of appreciation for nature and animals rarely seen in people her age. Little did she know it would grow to become a life-passion.

After graduating from Mount St. Vincent University in Halifax, Emie Lamoureux started her first blog, Sustainability Storytelling. Having such passion and motivation, she was featured on multiple publications including the Huffington Post and Guide Entrepreneur. Since then Emie has written countless pieces on the Canadian leaders in sustainability, helping the people who are interested in sustainability learn about the Canadian companies that are truly making a difference.

Having worked in communications for many years, she is an expert in content marketing, social media marketing, French-English translation, and highly specialized research.

To quench her insatiable thirst for sustainable change, Emie also works with Green Leaf consulting, an organization that certifies sustainable companies across North America. In the future, she hopes to become a specialized consultant in sustainable development, and lead the change towards a cleaner global environment.


Joaquim Miro

Over the course of his life, Joaquim has moved over 15 times, living in countries all around the world. Growing up in such a multi-cultural environment enabled him to have a global outlook on society, and better understand the importance of having social impact leaders in every community. Born in Montreal, he has always remained Canadian at heart, admiring Canada’s natural landscapes and its open-minded culture.

After graduating from McGill University with a bachelor in Business Administration, he joined a Fortune 500 company as a Marketing Specialist. Managing the multi-million dollar launch of a new brand at a national level, he learned the importance of developing and implementing a clear marketing strategy. After a successful launch, he decided to follow his true passion, digital marketing.

Two years later, he is now considered an expert in web design, keyword research, search engine optimization, marketing strategy, marketing and sales funnels and email marketing.