Top Sustainable Companies in Rhode Island

Top Sustainable Companies in Rhode Island
February 22, 2017 Emie-Claude Lamoureux

Top Sustainable Companies
in Rhode Island

Rhode Island may be the smallest state, but it boasts fantastic sustainable companies. With more than 450 miles of exquisite New England shoreline, many locals have stepped up to promote a sustainable lifestyle.

Have a look at our selection of the Top Sustainable Companies in Rhode Island!

There are many more sustainable companies that we may have missed, so if you believe you should be in the Top Sustainable Companies in RI, feel free to contact us and we will evaluate your sustainable initiative.

Top Sustainable Companies in Rhode Island

Aquidneck Land Trust

Aquidneck Land Trust is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1990 by a group of dedicated residents. Every year they work to preserve and steward Aquidneck Island’s beautiful open spaces.
It took three years to secure their first conservation easement. Since their humble beginnings, they have grown as a conservation force in Newport – a region with so much lush nature.

What is a conservation easement?
A conservation easement is a legal agreement between a landowner and a qualified organizaiton. This legal agreement is permanent and allows the landowner to continue owning the land. 

For instance, it can be a land trust that restricts future activities on the land. Easements are designed to protect natural habitats, conserve forests and preserve agriculture. Furthermore, it can protect water resources by limiting disturbance and development.

Aquidneck Land Trust has four major priority projects for Rhode Island folks. Namely, Saving Spruce Acres Farm, Mt. Hope Park, Conserve Aquidneck Now – The CAN Project, and the Merritt Neighborhood Fund.

We consider Aquidneck Land Trust to be a conservation pioneer and we are happy to include them in our Top Sustainable Companies in Rhode Island. Make sure to pay attention to their work as they are ensuring the protection of the RI’s natural character!



Bike Newport


Bike Newport‘s mission is to improve and encourage bicycling in and around Newport. When we think of bicycling, we sometimes underestimate the benefits it brings to our lifestyle and environment.

Bike Newport knows exactly why it’s important to get out of the car. We could not agree more.

Check out this cool infographic posted on Bike Newport’s website. You will understand why bicycling is a sustainable method of transportation.

So what are you waiting for? Start bicycling to discover, explore, traverse and enjoy the beauty of the City By The Sea!


Save The Bay

Barrington Beach Cleanup – organized by Save The Bay

Save The Bay‘s mission is to protect and improve Narragansett Bay.

What was once a charming estuary full of life has now become the resting place for sewage and pollutants.

Every day, Narragansett Bay provides recreational opportunities to millions of people in Rhode Island. This is way Save The Bay aims to clean up the bay. So that every generation can enjoy swimming and fishing in the Narragansett Bay.

Save The Bay educates residents and restores coastal habitats and watershed areas. They work with state and local governments to strengthen environmental protection policies. Equally important is their team of ecologists that work to restore coastal habitats and watershed areas.

They defend the right of the public to use and enjoy the Bay and its surrounding waters. It’s clear why we wanted to add this non-profit organization to our selection of the Top Sustainable Companies in Rhode Island.




E2SOL innovates renewable energy technologies. They also offer products designed to maximize energy consumption efficiencies.

Their sustainable designs range from micro-grid power plants, hydroelectric power and more. E2SOL aims to help every community and department transition to renewable energy. From residential to commercial, to industrial, to marine and to recreational vehicles – no market is left behind.

They are certified by Clean Technology and Sustainable Industries (CTSI). Moreover, E2SOL is also a member of New England Clean Energy Council, PACEnation and Ocean State Clean Cities.


People’s Power & Light

People’s Power & Light make clean energy more affordable and accessible. They are a consumer advocacy nonprofit. If you are looking to make sustainable changes in your lifestyle, they offer great programs to help you do the transition.

For those who consider purchasing an electric vehicle (EV), take a look at their limited-time EV discount program.

Together with their several clean energy programs, it was easy to select them as one of the Top Sustainable Companies in Rhode Island.


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Full Channel 

Full Channel is committed to renewable and sustainable local energy. Their local office and studio operations are powered by 100% renewable resources. Full Channel is a local family-owned broadband provider and GreenLink is an extension with a focus on community.

With a contribution of $1 each month (less than 4 cents per day), 100 % wind power will be providing energy to your home or business broadband connection. This contribution directly reduces carbon emissions. It also supports local economic growth with new wind power projects here in New England. Full Channel passes your entire contribution to People’s Power & Light.

How do I know renewable electricity will be used to deliver services to my home?

Full Channel draws upon the “pool” of power that makes up the New England electric grid. GreenLink brings more wind-powered electricity is being delivered to the power grid on your behalf. Thus creating a cleaner, healthier energy source.


Farm Fresh RI

Farm Fresh Rhode Island is a hub of local, fresh and healthy food. They promote and build a local food system that values the environment, health and quality of life for Rhode Island farmers and eaters.


Farm Fresh Rhode Island puts an emphasis on preserving RI farmland and agricultural and culinary knowledge. This has made our selection of the Top Sustainable Companies in Rhode Island for so many reasons, as it:

  • Builds healthier communities
  • Increases access to fresher, tastier food
  • Reduces the environmental footprint of food production and distribution
  • Strengthen community-based business

Want local, fresh food? Check out their resources.



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Blue Skys Farm

Blue Skys Farm is a sustainable farm that sells their produce at farmers’ market and via Farm Fresh RI. They also sell through a CSA program that includes products from many neighboring farmers. It is a chemical-free herb, flower and vegetable farm based in western Cranston.

Likewise, the farm is shared on a cooperatively-managed space with 6 other farms on 50 acres! Collaboration, sustainability, local business… what’s not to love about discovering a farm like this in Rhode Island?



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The Coast Guard House

The Coast Guard House Restaurant established itself in the 1940s. Since its early beginnings, the restaurant has always stayed true to serving locally harvested seafood.

Open throughout Rhode Island’s four seasons, this is an example of how luxury can also put in place sustainable practices. The Coast Guard House Restaurant supports sustainable agriculture, aquaculture, local crafts & cocktails. Once again, Rhode Island is booming with mindful leaders.



The Backyard Food Company

The Backyard Food Company story is a heartfelt one. In 2012, co-founder Matt McClelland was diagnosed with cancer. During his recovery, he promised himself to start an organic garden when he got stronger. His friend Louby had the same vision.

Their organic garden came to flourish and exceed their expectations. To the point where they had to seek out old recipes from their families for canning and preserving all its surplus.

Impressed with the quality of taste canning and preserving can do, the duo kept trying and enhancing their recipes. What started off as a simple way to preserve their extra cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes turned into a passion – The Backyard Food Company!


The Compost Plant

The Compost Plant is changing the way we think about our food waste. This Top Sustainable Company in Rhode Island is closing the loop in the food system.

How can garbage turn into energy to grow more food? View their TEDx to learn.

They are turning collected food scraps and surplus into compost and soil mixes. Once the mixes are ready, they do bulk delivery to gardeners and farmers in order for them to grow more local food.


Rhode Island Solar Solutions

Rhode Island Solar Solutions covers everything you need in order to transition to a solar energy system. They will go over the design, the engineering, the financing, the installation, and the maintenance of the solar system.

As a local sustainable company, they have hired the best local workforce through IBEW, an electrical worker’s union in RI. Rhode Island Solar Solutions is using their expertise and simplified solutions to speed up the clean energy wave. They even handle permits, rebate processing and administration.

They provide every detail to ensure that you will receive compensation from all available incentives. These include federal tax credits up to 30% and REF grants up to an extra 30% for both commercial and residential properties.



DUNN creates everything from coffee tables and dining room sets to stools and bowls. Why did we choose to feature them in our selection of the Top Sustainable Companies in Rhode Island?

Because with everything they design and manufacture, sustainability is a priority. DUNN has a conscious approach that relies on reusing material and minimizing waste. They work with high-quality domestic timber, unique in color and grain, from sustainably-managed forests.



Edible Rhody

Every season Edible Rhody celebrates the Ocean State’s local food. Telling the stories of the farmers, chefs, fishers and food and beverage artisans who work and live here, helps to live sustainably. Throughout the year, stunning photos, delicious recipes and the tales of Rhode Island’s local food community are presented.  


The Fox Point Pickling Company

Fox Point Pickling Company is a small, sustainable company that handcrafts classic pickled vegetables. To make their award-winning pickled vegetables, they source from local farmers. Similarly, their products are sugar-free, fat-free, naturally gluten free and contain zero additives.

Healthy for the planet and for your bodies! Featuring a small but mighty company is the perfect way to wrap up our selection of the Top Sustainable Companies in Rhode Island.



And there you have it! L’Autre Couleur’s Top Sustainable Companies in Rhode Island!

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Check out some of the sustainable companies happening in your neighboring country.


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