Top 10 Sustainable Initiatives in PEI

Top 10 Sustainable Initiatives in PEI
June 7, 2016 Joaquim Miro
Top 10 Sustainable initiatives in PEI - 150 days of sustainable initiatives - Fox PEI

Known for its red sand and soil, its farming background, and its island lifestyle, PEI has always held a dear place in the heart of most Canadians. As the only Canadian province without a land border, it has created closer ties with its environment, understanding the bigger picture and the importance of keeping its environment clean. PEI, our smallest Canadian province, truly understands the importance of creating movements, and has begun to do so in the field of sustainability. Want to learn more about what type of cool sustainable initiatives of happening in Prince Edward Island? Well look no further as today L’Autre Couleur presents the Top 10 Sustainable Initiatives of PEI.

If you believe you should be in PEI’s Top 10, feel free to contact us and we will evaluate your sustainable initiatives in Prince Edward Island.


Top 10 Sustainable Initiatives in PEI

Island Water Technologies

150 days of sustainable initiatives canada - top 10 sustainable initiatives in PEI - Island Water Techonologies

Source: IWT Website

Island Water Technologies (IWT) is a PEI based company with one of the coolest technologies we have seen in a while. This company specialized in modular, solar powered wastewater treatment solutions, meaning that it provides self-powered wastewater treatment for domestic and industrial industries. In developed countries, wastewater treatment facilities account for 3% of the worldwide energy usage. By offering decentralized treatment solutions that are self-sustained, we could reduce this energy usage drastically!


How it works?

150 days of sustainable initiatives canada - top 10 sustainable initiatives in PEI

Source: IWT Website

This revolutionary technology can be used in many settings, including rural communities, disaster relief, military, campgrounds, and parks. For remote off-the-grid communities, this is a perfect solution to properly dispose of wastewater while ensuring the upkeep of a clean surrounding environment.




Souris and Area Branch of the PEI Wildlife Federation

Top 10 Sustainable initiatives in PEI - 150 days of sustainable initiatives - FOX PEI

Isn’t he just too cute!? These foxes are adorable animals that often become friends to humans. Source: SAB Website

Since 1954, the Souris and Area Branch of the PEI Wildlife Federation (SAB) has dedicated itself to the protection, conservation, and evolution of wildlife habitat in eastern PEI. It is because of organizations such as this one that PEI has ensured future generations the privilege of living in a natural and healthy habitat. With over 20 different provincial programs, they have proven themselves to be an engine of positive social impact in their community. Here are some of the activities they work in:

Surveying – Surveys are important to understand the ecosystems that surround us. SAB uses up to date technologies and surveying methodologies to depict accurate pictures of the environmental landscape and more pressing problems to address.

Conservation Programs – After conducting surveys to understand which species are most at risk, conservation programs are put in place to ensure the species won’t go extinct. Often times our societies’ habits have negative externalities that greatly decrease the change of survival of certain species, such as Atlantic salmon.

Fundraisers – Annual fundraisers serve mainly as a means to secure finances, but we often forget they also play two additional crucial roles. The first is the educational component, serving as a platform to educate people on a certain cause. The second is a network component, proving useful in connecting influential people to initiate even greater positive change.

Eco-tours – Eco-tours are not only fun, they are also extremely educational, allowing younger generations an opportunity to connect with the environment and understand the implications of certain choices. I remember once going on an eco-tour, and learning the importance of recycling and making sure to never liter, because we saw a bird tangled up in a piece of plastic!

SAB is a specific branch of the PEI Wildlife Federation, which is the oldest conservation group in PEI.


Deep Roots Distillery

Deep Roots Distillery is a family-owned distillery that started as a 2-acre apple farm and grew into a distillery offering tasty liqueurs such as Island Tide Moonshine and Maple Syrup Liqueur. As they operate on their own certified organic farm, they help their local economy, and ensure that there are no pesticides used in any of their base ingredients. As an extension to Beamish Organic Orchard, Deep Roots Distillery produces and sells distilled spirits and liqueurs and are committed to using locally grown products and environmentally responsible processing.


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Atlantic Bio Energy Corporation

Atlantec BioEnergy Corporation operates a commercial-scale bio-refinery which produces advanced bioenergy using locally grown sugar beets as the main feedstock and promotes regional economic development. Their facility is part of a Sustainable Development Technology of Canada (SDTC) project which is designed to showcase the various integrated components of the bio-refinery. This first of its kind in Canada results in a net energy neutral and process water neutral facility, while producing ethanol, electricity,and a liquid fertilizer byproduct specifically optimized for the feedstock growing conditions.



Cascumpec Bay Oyster Co.

Top 10 Sustainable initiatives in PEI - 150 days of sustainable initiatives - Cascumbec Oysters

C.B.O.C. is a family-run oyster business located on Prince Edward Island that grows and packages quality oysters in a sustainable manner. Why are they more sustainable than other oysters farms? Trick question! Actually many shellfish farms in PEI are very sustainable entities as the shellfish filter the water and the growing process is set up in a way that they do not disrupt the environments in which they grow.

Check out David Suzuki’s guide on sustainable shellfish for an in-depth analysis on sustainable shellfish.




The Inspired City

Charlottetown – Great Things Happen Here have created a fresh 3 part video series called “What Does ‘Sustainability’ Mean to You?”. Hear what the folks of Charlottetown believe the next important sustainable steps will be!



Holland College – Green Machine

Top 10 Sustainable initiatives in PEI - 150 days of sustainable initiatives - Holland College PEI

Holland College Green Machine is a group of students and staff committed to promoting sustainability and exemplary environmental stewardship through education, conservation and community engagement. One of our favourite initiatives they have launched is their Electronics Round-up/Solar Barbeque. If you are interested in keeping up with all the most innovative and ground-breaking discoveries in sustainability we recommend you follow them on facebook!



Blue Mussel Café

Top 10 Sustainable initiatives in PEI - 150 days of sustainable initiatives - Blue Mussel Cafe

Source: Blue Mussel Cafe

Blue Mussel Cafe is a seasonal seafood restaurant in North Rustico Harbour, just off the beaten path. They specialize in fresh seafood and strive to provide food that is fresh and local. They offer a large variety of delicious and wholesome meals with no deep fried food. They are committed to offering an authentic PEI dining experience and a view that you will never forget!



Green Islands Getaway

Top 10 Sustainable initiatives in PEI - 150 days of sustainable initiatives - Green Island Getaways

Source: Green Island Getaways Website

Green Island Getaways at Granville offers charming sustainable cottages that have been certified Gold LEED by CaGBC. These were designed byUniversity of Prince Edward Island engineering students and now every one of them is equipped with a roof system and a cistern to collect rainwater in order to irrigate the vegetable garden on site as well as many other sustainable features!



PEI Aquaculture Alliance

Top 10 Sustainable initiatives in PEI - 150 days of sustainable initiatives

By now you have probably come to the same conclusion we have; PEI and seafood go hand in hand!

PEI Aquaculture Alliance operations do not compromise the air, water, and land for future generations. They are committed to continuously improving the environmental effects of their operations and minimizing the potential for adverse effects of aquaculture activities. Some of the partners include:

Check out the methodologies that are respected when growing PEI cultured mussels sustainably on their website!



And there it is! The Top 10 Sustainable Initiatives of PEI!

This was the second of ten posts; one for every Canadian province. By the end of 2016 you can expect a Top Sustainable Initiatives for every province of Canada! To stay updated on the up and coming initiatives subscribe to our monthly newsletter and like us on Facebook. Also please comment if we have left out any important sustainable initiatives in Prince Edward Island that you believe should be part of the top 10, or if you have any thoughts/ comments on the article.

Each province has their own top sustainable initiatives, check them out here:



Help us activate your sustainable lifestyle,

L’Autre Couleur Team



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    The Poverty-Environment Initiative publishes a biannual newsletter that is delivered via email straight to your inbox.

  2. Margaret Stewart 1 year ago

    I am retiring from nursing in January, 2017 . Due to the increased cost in living the small home I am presently living in in Fredericton, New Brunswick will not be maintainable. I am from PEI and have a small lot of land there that has no utilities. This Spring, I am attempting to build my own home from the earth – the home is called an EarthBag house. The topic and sustainability of these homes are taking off like wildfire in the states and now in Canada. I will be happy to submit pictures and a blog of my progress as I go along to educate students, interested parties etc. I am endeavouring to start with a small meditation/art abode to start as I am by myself and the work is very labour intensive – pricing out the home should be around $5,000 17Ft diameter roundhouse, that will look like a hobbit house, walls will be 16″ thick. Windows and doors completely recycled. The walls will be cob plastered and smoothed with lime plaster. Lime is permeable and has less carbon footprint effect than portland cement/concrete. Feel free to contact if you would like further information.

    • Hi Margaret,

      That is great to hear! We are so happy to hear about someone taking on such a sustainable endeavour. We would be happy to have you as a contributor posting your progress and articles about how to build your own EarthBag House. Please contact us at and we can arrange something that works for the both of us.

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